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Brian Hetherington and Dan Rasmussen


Cushman & Wakefield

Leasing Total

2 million square feet

Participated in the 80,000-square-foot relocation lease for Hanger, Inc.

Manages more than 22 million square feet of leased and owned real estate for 20 national and global clients

Dan Rasmussen and his partner, Brian Hetherington, manage a team of six that is focused on global and national account work. The team manages more than 22.1 million square feet of leased and owned real estate for 20 national and global clients. 

The team servers a variety of industries, include tech, healthcare, defense and aerospace, government contracting, non-profits and professional services firms.

One of its notable transactions from last year was the renewal and expansion of Hanger, Inc., headquarters in Austin, TX for 80,000 square feet. Running a headquarters site selection process during a pandemic was challenging and rewarding. The project involved a much more in-depth look at how the client operated and what its future workplace should look like.  Finalizing the transaction in the hottest submarket of Austin when competing for spaces with the likes of Amazon, VRBO and other major tech firms presented additional hurdles the team had to contend with.


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