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Aaron Jungreis and Jonathan Brody


Rosewood Realty Group

Sales Total

$2.11 billion

Completed $230 million sale of 1,246-unit multifamily portfolio in southeast Louisville, KY

Closed $109-million, four-building portfolio sale in San Antonio, TX

Aaron Jungreis is the founder and CEO of Rosewood Realty Group. The company brokered over $2.1 billion in total sales in 2021 while closing some 87 deals in New York City and over a dozen states across the country.

While pre-pandemic Rosewood’s sales were heavily New York City centric, Jungreis led his company in early 2020 to a pivot and created a National Investment Sales Division led by Jonathan Brody that has sourced and closed deals across the Southeast, Northeast and beyond. Outside New York, Brody and his team have more than tripled total national sales from $400 million in 2020 to $1.45 billion in 2021.

One of the team’s notable transactions in 2021 include the $230 million sale of a 1,246-unit multifamily portfolio in southeast Louisville, KY. Rosewood represented both the buyer, Stoneweg US, a St. Petersburg, FL-based developer, and the seller, Lifestyles Communities, a Columbus, OH-based developer.

Rosewood also closed a $109-million, four-building portfolio sale in San Antonio, TX  and $103-million deal in Norwalk, CT for Avalon Bay that highlighted finding renewed value in the Northeast while other investors are looking elsewhere. They also closed a $102.5-million deal where GMF Capital purchased 247 units in South FL. Another $59-million deal in Charlotte, NC involved Denholtz Properties buying a residential complex sold by Goldman Sachs that showed new construction trading at an all-time high in the area.

In New York City, where deals totaled $667 million in 2021, Rosewood closed a $58.8-million Queens portfolio, a $26-million Manhattan portfolio and a $24.4-million Bronx sale.


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