Emily Lettieri

Vice President

Emily Lettieri is Vice President of Connect Commercial Real Estate. As a leader on the Executive team, she oversees business development, project management, and client strategy.

Emily collaborates with her clients to develop and manage fully integrated marketing and business strategies and works hand-in-hand to oversee the projects and ensure high-level execution. She employs her expert knowledge of the commercial real estate industry and her years of experience as a marketing executive to create successful, and engaging business development campaigns for clients across several platforms and industry sectors.

Prior to her role at Connect, Emily served as Director of Events for the Real Estate Media Group at American Lawyer Media where she managed the events team and worked with clients on content creation, marketing plans and visibility strategies.

Emily started her career at a federal bar association where she managed event strategy and continuing education programing, serving a membership base of over 2,000 federal judges and lawyers in the 2nd Circuit.

In 2015, Emily was named one of The Business Information Association’s “Emerging Leaders”. She has a BA In Communications and a minor in Leadership from the University of Delaware.